For pleasure, work or show, Schutz
Brothers' reins provide the ultimate
in feel and communication between
the horse and rider.
Feel the difference...
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Made from Hermann Oak Harness
leather hides that are uniquely
prepared at the tannery for Schutz
Brothers. The acclaims "wonderful,
mellow feel" of this reins is the result
of attention to detail, magnificent
leather, cutting skill and good old
elbow grease. Straps are paired from
cutting through a series of processes
ending with a combination of waxes
and oils carefully worked into the
leather by hand - one pair at the
time. Whichever style you choose,
rest assured you'll receive a world
class product that Schutz Brothers
offer years of service and enjoyment.
It's so easy! Schutz designed Quick Change End allows no-hassle
bit change with no screws or tie end attractive to boots!
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Leather Spur Straps by SCHUTZ BROTHERS
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