trees are the same high- quality ‘shoulders free’ design made  exclusively for Jim Taylor
and used in all Jim Taylor custom saddles.  The  leather is top  quality  U.S.A  or
Canadian steer hides that are tanned  in one of the best and largest  tanneries in South
America under the  direction of legendary tanner Gene  Carter.  Saddle color  finishes
are  either natural golden or chestnut.  All Xtreem saddle production is done under the  
watchful eye of Jim Taylor.   The tooling is kept  simple, the leather  saddle parts are all
heavy  and single- ply, with real wool skirt lining,  and the plated
silver  conchos are handmade  exclusively for  Heritage saddles designed by Jim
Taylor.   Here’s an  affordable handmade  saddle  that will ride right, last for years,  
and has a proven professional performance!
Heritage Saddle
By Jim Tayloy Saddlery
Shoulder Free Tree
Custom your saddle from colors to
suede seat to paterns
Welcome to our Saddle page. FG Reining Collection features 3 different saddles to fit
everyones budget.  You can custom order any of these saddles or ask us what we have in stock!

  • Xtreem Saddle made by Rocking T with our special Shoulder Free Tree - Starts at $2400

  • Heritage Saddle made by Jim Taylor also with our Shoulder Free Tree - Starts at $3600

  • Jim Taylor Custom Saddle - Starts at $4500 Top of the line leather, wool and silver quality
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