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Hoffman’s Horse Mineral is a complete vitamin-mineral supplement for all horses in meal form,
formulated to supplement good-quality forage

Feed with: Good-quality grassy hay.

Specific Benefit: A solid base of vitamins and minerals for all horses - used as the horse’s
nutritional base. For low-activity animals Hoffmans Mineral fed with good-quality hay may be
sufficient. For more active animals, supplement energy with EquiGLO™ or MoorGLO® as

Highlights of This Product
•Formulated with ZinPro®* Complexed (Organic) Trace Minerals for better bioavailability.

•Dust-free formulation has a positive affect on palatability.

•Contains fermented yeast culture to enhance digestibility and improve hind gut function.

•Formulated with Selplexâ* selenium yeast to enhance selenium uptake.

•Available in 25 kg bags or 8 kg pails with measuring scoop included.

•When fed as directed, lessens the likelihood of vitamin/mineral deficiencies associated with
stress, aging, environmental factors, and exercise levels.

The Power of The Vitamin/Mineral Profile in Horse Nutrition

At the base of every Equine Athlete's nutritional program rests a solid vitamin-mineral profile. It's
what we all build our animal on - these spark plugs of structural and metabolic processes we
know as vitamins and minerals are required every minute for optimal health, performance, and
long life.
From its start years ago as a custom-designed vitamin/mineral supplement for the Hoffman
Breeder Ranch in Stavely Alberta, HOFFMANS HORSE MINERAL soon became the best-selling
horse mineral in that province. Since then the further application of ZinPro's® mineral complex
technology and a continual priority on palatability has brought HOFFMANS across Canada, with
excellent results in all horses, pleasure or racing, thoroughbreds or standard-breds, on the
backstretch or in the back-forty.

Hoffman's uses ZinPro® Complexed Mineral Technology, the key to better bioavailability.

Complexed minerals:
•Lessens the impact of stress events such as changing environments, association with new
horses, changing exercise levels and trailering

•Support growth and feed efficiency

•Support structural integrity, both skeletal and muscular

•Support hoof integrity

•Enhance immune response

Feeding Directions

Top dress Hoffman's Horse Mineral at 150 - 200 grams per day for mature horses, preferably in
two equal feedings. And always allow horses access to dust-free good quality forage and clean
Free Choice consumption will be approximately 150 - 200 grams/day, dependent on the
condition of the horse, plane of nutrition, age, weight, sex and weather conditions. When
starting horses free choice, use one mineral feeder for every 10 - 15 head and monitor intake
initially with salt removed. If mineral intake exceeds 200 grams/horse/day, add salt blocks to the
mineral feeder.

Remember that any feed changes should be gradually introduced over a 7 - 10 day period. See
the Hoffman's mineral tag for more detailed feeding information.

Partial Guaranteed Analysis:

Hoffman’s Horse Mineral contains selenium at 15 mg/kg.

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